Monday, 8 July 2013

Great Aberdour Bake Off

The Great Aberdour Bake Off is coming...

On Thursday 1st August.

The Bake Off will start at 2pm, when host, Susan Rae will welcome John Whaite and Mrs Lonie.  They will then judge the entries and come up with six finalists. While that happens, Colin from Bread in Fife will do a twenty minute bread making demo.  The finalists will then be announced and given the technical challenge.  While they do  that, John Whaite give a 20 minute interview / Q&A with the audience.  The finalists will then create a showstopper while the audience are given a demo on making macaroons by the Head Pastry Chef from the Old Course Hotel in St Andrews. 

About 3.30pm the winner will be announced and John will do a book signing, and the stalls will be open again for browsing. 
If you would like to take part, more information can be found: Aberdour Festival

Claire - Fife Baking Club