Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The Great Abderdour Bake Off - 1st August 2013

I was invited along to The Great Aberdour Bake Off on the 1st August to represent Fife Baking Club. Fortunately I didn't have the pressure of having to participate in the bake off and was able to enjoy the day.
There was a great turn out of cakes which were judged by last year's Great British Bake Off winner John Whaite and Mrs Lonie from Aberdour. Whilst John and Mrs Lonie tasted the cakes, we were treated to a bread making demo by Colin from Bread In Fife.

The six finalists were then given 20 minutes to make a batch of icing using various ingredients provided. During this time, host Susan Rae interviewed John. When the six contestants had made their icing, they were then tasked with icing a cake in front of everyone. Well done to Fiona Martin who was crowned the winner. She turned a boring square sponge into a chocolate heart covered in chocolate sweets.

There was also a macaroon demonstration by the Head Chef from the Old Course Hotel in St Andrews. The audience were given some very delicious samples to try.

To round of the day, the audience were also given taster plates from the competition entries. I tried a fruit cake, chocolate cake and coffee cake. All three were very tasty.

Mini me's favourite part of the day though was when John Whaite fed her skittles from the top of one the cakes.

Claire - Fife Baking Club

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